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my journal

The Inspiration Behind the Names of Your Grace+Hudson Jewelry

If you’ve taken a look around, you know that I name the jewelry in my collection after women. I’ve been asked a few times now, who is Layla? Who is Natalie? I love how I’ve (quite unintentionally!) intrigued you with these names. So, here’s a bit about my naming inspiration (p.s. in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing ALL that inspires me on the new grace+hudson account on Pinterest. Look out for all things pretty, airy, light, and peaceful!) 

The name game is a pretty fun process over here at grace+hudson. Some pieces are named after real women in my life. The Nina Choker, for example, is named after a good friend I met at SoulCycle (my home away from home! The SoulCycle community in Chicago is seriously full of amazing, inspiring, and kind women). Nina happens to be the blonde model you see in my bridal photos on the site. It was a nice way to thank her for her help at the photo shoot - she's a natural! 

Nina wearing the Nina Choker
(Photo Credit: Iron + Honey Photography)

Other pieces are born through the custom design process, and then it only feels right to name it after the woman who ordered it. Last month, a friend told me how much she loves the fishbone chain you see in the Layla and Luna pieces. But she also really loves the Callie Choker. So, we decided to make the fishbone chain into a choker. She looked stunning in it, and the Caitlin Choker was born (no, despite what you may think, the Caitlin choker is not, in fact, named after Caitlyn Jenner).

Caitlin Tracey (CT as we call her!) wearing the Caitlin
and Callie Chokers (she loves to layer them)

And finally, some pieces are not named after real-life people at all, but rather just the way they look and feel. If you follow me on Instagram @graceandhudson, you may have seen my inspo behind the Natalie Necklace. To me, Natalie represents a woman who is sophisticated, strong yet feminine, effortless, but also a little modern. You know, she really has her sh** together. So, maybe your name is Natalie and this sounds like you, or maybe you just want to be like Natalie and channel some of those strong, feminine, sophisticated vibes when you wear the necklace. Soon, I’ll share all of the character traits behind each name + each piece on the website. And maybe someday you’ll see a piece named after you! 

The Natalie Necklace
(Photo Credit: Iron + Honey Photography)


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Quick Trick: Turn Your Choker Necklace Into A Bracelet

Quick Trick: Turn Your Choker Necklace Into A Bracelet

Photo Cred: Iron + Honey Photography

I love that choker necklaces are all the rage right now. It's been a while! Do you remember those itchy, stretchy plastic flower chokers from the 90's that came in every color of the rainbow? No? Click here for a flood of memories, friend. Thankfully, the latest generation of chokers are stylish, dainty, and feminine. Since you're likely adding a choker or two to your collection this summer, I wanted to share a quick trick with you to get double the wear: turn your choker necklace into a bracelet. And it's so easy. Just wrap the choker around your wrist (for me, it loops around my wrist twice) and secure the clasp. I shared this tip on Instagram Stories a few days ago, and I already saw a few of you turning your g+h chokers into bracelets on social media. If you missed it, I've shared the video again below. Follow me on Instagram @graceandhudson for more styling tips. (p.s. please feel free to send me jewelry selfies or tag me in your posts! I repost them on Instagram Stories all the time.)

This little trick should work with all choker necklaces that come with extenders (that small length of chain at the end of a necklace that allows you to secure the clasp at differing lengths). All grace + hudson chokers and necklaces come with extenders for the perfect fit, and to assist you in achieving the perfect layered look when wearing multiple necklaces. You should definitely pop over to and check out the Callie Choker (shown in the video) and the Nina Choker (pictured above). Or you can just click here to view them both. These two chokers look really stunning as bracelets.

Want to up-level your jewelry style even further? Layer your choker necklaces with dainty necklaces, and your choker bracelets (I'm coining the term, thank you!) with chunkier bracelets. I generally recommend stacking in bunches of 3, whether on your neck or on your wrist.

Cheers to getting double the wear out of one piece of jewelry!

Grace + Hudson Jewelry: How To Turn a Choker into a Bracelet from Stacy Mikulik on Vimeo.


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The One Simple Step You Can Take To Preserve Your Jewelry

The One Simple Step You Can Take To Preserve Your Jewelry


Welcome to grace + hudson! I'm so happy you joined me on launch day! In all of my business research and prep work to launch g+h, I noticed that no one is blogging really well about jewelry. So, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the first ever blog post on the g+h jewelry blog. Here, I'll introduce you to other fabulous jewelry brands (it might be hard to believe, but I don't *always* wear gold + dainty jewelry!), teach you how to care for your jewelry, provide you with styling tips, educate you on all those fancy metal names you may see when browsing jewelry, how to pick the right piece of jewelry for a formal event, among other things. First up though, is the one simple step you can take to preserve the life (and shine!) of your jewelry.  

I've been making jewelry for nearly 10 years now, and I used to own a small jewelry boutique in New Jersey, where I'm from originally. One question I always get is: what can I do to preserve the shine of my jewelry and care for it the right way? The single practice that can prolong the shine of your jewelry is so simple you'll wonder how you missed this information before - store it in a jewelry box. No, jewelry boxes aren't just home accents for the top of your dresser, or just pretty gifts exchanged between girlfriends. Rather, the entire concept of a jewelry box is to minimize your jewelry's exposure to air. Air exposure causes any metal, whether a piece of jewelry or a pipe under your kitchen sink, to lose its luster over time. So, storing your jewelry in a box is the most effective step you can take to preserve the life of your jewelry. And aren't you glad it takes no time at all?

Now for the important question - where can you find yourself a stylish jewelry box? If you're like me, you probably remember being gifted more than one jewelry box when you were little from your mama or grandmama (I distinctly remember one that was blue velvet - yes, we've got an 80's baby over here). But you probably can't remember the last time you saw one out shopping. It's been a while since I bought a jewelry box too, so I did a little shopping around for you, and linked my two favorites. If you're looking to add a little glam to the top of your bedroom dresser, go for the West Elm glass box. It is so pretty in person (and I actually use these boxes when I display my jewelry for sale!). You can find them here. If, however, you are looking for a jewelry box that will neatly store away in your closet or dresser drawer, go for the Vlando Jewelry Boxes (they come in a ton of colors, too). These babies are so cheap, but trust me they feel quality in person. You can even get them with Amazon Prime here, woohoo!


This is also the reason I'm including these really pretty suede jewelry pouches with every purchase! Use it for travel, pop it in your gym bag, or store your jewelry in it everyday. Enjoy your jewelry, loves!


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