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Jewelry Care + Repair

Care of your jewelry
We specialize in dainty jewelry. Dainty jewelry, by definition, is more delicate than large, heavy statement jewelry. But if you handle your grace + hudson jewelry with care, it'll last a long, long time. These means storing it carefully when traveling or hitting the gym - place it in the box or pouch it came in and never throw it at the bottom of your a purse or gym bag where it can become tangled, caught on other things, etc. This also means minimizing your jewelry's exposure to water, sweat, and chlorine. Always remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, and sweating/exercising to preserve its shine. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place that is free of humidity. An enclosed jewelry box is best! Minimizing jewelry’s exposure to air and humidity will leave it looking newer longer, and require less polishing. To clean your jewelry, use a jewelry polishing cloth that is free of chemicals. If you decide to use a cloth that has chemical cleaners on it, be sure to test a small area first (such as the necklace clasp) to ensure there will be no adverse effects on the metal. Never, ever submerge your jewelry in a liquid jewelry cleaner

Jewelry repairs 
If you should damage or break your grace + hudson jewelry, please send me a note at and I’d be happy to repair it. Instructions will be provided to you via email. Repairs are always free! However, if the damage involves a lost piece or a piece that must be replaced, there may be a minimal charge. You will be apprised of any cost via email before the repair is undertaken. You are responsible for the minimal cost of shipping to and from the jewelry studio in Charleston, South Carolina where the item is repaired. grace + hudson does not bear any liability for items requiring repair that are lost in the mail so please kindly insure your package. 
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