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A Meaningful Interview About Career Change (Podcast Link Included)

A Meaningful Interview About Career Change (Podcast Link Included)

Welcome to another edition of my Weekly Journal! I use this space to share about my journey from lawyer to jewelry business owner. In this week's journal entry I'm sharing a podcast interview I recorded two weeks ago with a career change coach named Vilma Usaite. We spoke about my career change journey from start to finish and it turned out to be such a deep and meaningful conversation. She previously worked in finance and quit her corporate job, too! Here are some of the points we covered in the conversation:

  • how one pivotal life event woke me up and made me realize that life is short and that I had no reason not to pursue my dreams
  • how my trip to the Virgin Islands in 2008 completely changed the course of my life
  • how my health issues disappeared in a matter of weeks after I left the law
  • the pleasant by-products of a career change (like better health and a great romantic relationship)
  • how working on your mindset is more important than working on your website when you start a new business
  • how I learned first-hand that abundance is an internal game and does not depend on your outside circumstances 
  • about the new paradigm of running a business by embracing the feminine flow (as opposed to the masculine "hustle" mentality)
  • about pursuing an individual version of success 

To listen to the full podcast on Spotify, click here. To listen through Apple iTunes, click here.

If a career change is in your future, you can follow Vilma Usaite on Instagram by clicking here. You can also visit her website by clicking here. I urge you to listen to her podcasts, read her blog, and get in touch with her if you need help making a transition from one career to another. She looks at career change from a holistic perspective and, in my opinion, a career change made from this aligned, centered place is much more likely to work out in the end.  

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