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Bridal Jewelry: The #1 Thing You're Forgetting To Think About When You Choose The Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

Bridal Jewelry: The #1 Thing You're Forgetting To Think About When You Choose The Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

We sell a lot of bridesmaid jewelry over here at grace + hudson so I wanted to write a little something about how to choose the right jewelry for your wedding day. When I was thinking about this topic, I perused some of my own photos from our Collection for Brides and Bridal Parties and realized there's one thing that brides never think to think about. It's totally understandable given there are 1,387 things to think about when planning a wedding. Let's play a little game before I tell you the answer to this question. Look at the photos below and pay attention to where your eye looks, upon first glance at each photo.

Photo Credits: Morgan Miller Photography; Gerber Scarpelli Weddings; and d'Anelli Bridal

Did your eyes immediately go to the bold statement necklace and earrings in the first two photos? What about the last two? Did your eyes see their beautiful faces first, and then their gorgeous dresses and veil?  

So that's it! That's what most brides forget to think about when they're selecting wedding jewelry. How will this jewelry look in my photos? Will it distract from the look of love written all over my pretty face? Will it distract from my beautiful dress? (I sure hope not - you spent a pretty penny on that thang!). You might be the biggest fan of the boldest crystal statement earrings, but think about how those earrings might steal the show in your photographs. 

The same is true when it comes to your bridesmaids. But what I also want you to think about here is that big picture - you know the one - the big line up of your bridesmaids with you smack dab in the middle. Let's play that game again...

Photo Credits: Aaron and Jillian Photography; Knot Just Pics Photography

You get the point by now, but did your eyes quickly notice the bold statement necklaces in the first photo? As a distraction from the bride? Yes, me too. What about in the second photo? I first noticed the lovely bride - as it should be.

This is why you should keep your photography in mind when selecting wedding jewelry. I keep photography in mind when I design jewelry for my Collection for Brides + Bridal Parties. I only offer one statement piece in this collection, called the Grace Necklace, and the remainder of the pieces are dainty. The most popular pieces are simple pendant necklaces and earrings that come in circle, teardrop, and petal shapes. I'll share those with you here, and leave it to you to explore the rest of the collection on!

Our most popular style is called Sophia (teardrop shape). The Sophia Necklace and Earrings are each under $50. Choose from 6 sophisticated colors, in silver or gold. We also offer bridesmaid earring and necklace gift sets in this style.


Our second most popular style is the Lily (circle shape). The Lily Necklace and Earrings are also under $50 each. Choose from 8 sophisticated colors, in silver or gold. Bridesmaid earring and necklace gift sets are available, too.

Our third most popular style is called Emma. The Emma Necklace and Earrings are each $74 and resemble a floral shape. Choose from silver or gold, and 8 sophisticated colors.

I hope you enjoy exploring the collection and if you need some help deciding on your wedding jewelry, don't hesitate to send us a note. Whatever jewelry you choose, look forward to receiving pretty wedding photographs!


Stacy, Owner + Designer of grace + hudson jewelry

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  • Oct 26, 2022

    What a great article. Jewellery is something I am paining over and this has been very helpful. I love the subtly of your jewellery also and the contrast photos were an eye-opener. Thank you.

    — Kristen

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