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Advice To My Little Sister

Advice To My Little Sister

Welcome to another edition of my Weekly Journal. I use this space to share a bit about jewelry, and a lot about my journey from lawyer to jewelry business owner. Over the past couple of years, many of you have told me that you look to me as an older sister. So with that in mind, I thought I would provide some advice to my little sister about what's transpired in the last week after the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests that followed. How do we become better both individually and collectively as a community? And how do we positively contribute to the massive changes that are occurring right now? I shared these thoughts on Instagram a few days ago and I thought I'd share them again here in case you missed it. I do not claim to be an authority on any topic, let alone a topic as complicated and sensitive as this one, but I hope that this will help you organize your thoughts and your actions.

First, do whatever YOU feel compelled to do right now and ask for guidance through prayer or meditation. For example, maybe you'd like to donate money or volunteer your time to one of the countless causes out there working towards solutions to end systemic racism. Or maybe you'd like to attend a peaceful protest. Or maybe your job right now is to educate yourself and become more aware of the issues. Make a list of podcasts or books you'd like to listen to or read. We all have different things to contribute right now. Honor where you are. And more importantly, honor where others are too. 

Action Step: Listen to this 2 minute talk on Instagram called, "What is Mine To Do?" by Michael Beckwith. You can find it by clicking here

Second, sacrifice some time to understanding these issues. Michael Beckwith, one of my favorite spiritual leaders and authors, says that the word "sacrifice" means to "make sacred." Make sacred your time right now. Substitute watching an episode on Netflix with a long walk listening to a podcast on racism and white privilege. Maybe you do that 3 times this week with 3 different podcasts. That will add up to 3 hours of education and awareness you did not have before. And it'll make you a more intelligent person in the long run.

Action Step: Listen to this valuable podcast from Lewis Howes' "School of Greatness" on racism, white privilege, and healing. You can find it by clicking here

Third, social media is not now a place where you need to prove how "not racist" you are. For example, it is not necessary to post on social media how many things you bought from black-owned businesses this week. It's great if you contributed in that way though! Many of these "boasting" and "toot my own horn" posts are coming from a place of guilt and not from a true place of inspiration and love. We are much, much more than the 1-dimensional social media accounts we use and much of the initial work we need to do right now is internal (like reading and educating ourselves) and involves conversations with our parents, kids, and friends. It doesn't need to be broadcast on social media for validation and "likes" from others. Remember that kid in school who sucked up to the teacher all the time and made sure everyone in the class knew about the extra credit and extra work he did? Don't be that kid. That kid wasn't acting from a place of love, he was acting from a place of needing approval from others to make himself feel better about his own short-comings. BUT by all means, if there is something you feel is worth sharing AND you believe your friends and/or followers could also genuinely be served by that thing, then share it. Maybe you share it on social media, or maybe you just share it with your close friends or family members who can be served by it. Service is the name of the game. Service is not about YOU but about the people you hope to help and assist with your share. That type of share comes from a place of love, not guilt, and will be of true value in the world.

Fourth, the past 90 days have been very intense. If you're feeling overwhelmed or overly sensitive right now, don't tune out or numb out. Rather, take time to rest and recharge as needed and then tune back in.

Action Step: Screen shot this prayer and say it when you're feeling overwhelmed. "Thank you 2020 for your transparency. Thank you for showing us how we need to change. Thank you for motivating us to stand together. Thank you for opening our hearts. Thank you for holding a space where love can rise." (Originally shared by @spiritdaughter)  




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